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Dynamic Holding, LLC is a quantitative proprietary trading company specializing in systematic trading using quantitative models derived from mathematical and statistical analysis with a focus on Index futures, Commodity futures and equities. Our team collaborates to solve tough problems in the most complex and dynamic markets and focuses on understanding how the markets dynamically change by building quantitative models. We convert our intellectual outcomes into sophisticated portfolios with sustainable returns and strategic partnerships with financial institutions. We establish and engineer models to dissect the financial markets, and we strive to build a fundamental, cause-and-effect understanding of the markets.

With the support of our Quantitative Researcher c­onstantly monitoring and calibrating the parameters of our complex trading algorithms, our traders enhance strategies and systems to keep our edge in the dynamic and fast-paced financial markets. Our traders bring their unique expertise every day to help us develop and implement trading strategies. As a proprietary trading company, Dynamic Holding, LLC commits our own capital to quantitative strategies and builds all of our own trading algorithms from scratch. Our mission is to be the leaders and innovators in the field of high performance and low latency proprietary trading.



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